Hitting the Big Apple

My bags are packed and I’m ready for my 60-second commute to Billy Bishop Airport, off to the annual conference of Biographers International Organization (BIO…of course!) in New York City.

It was not an easy decision to choose from the plethora of annual editor-related conferences. This year’s choices were Editors Canada (Saskatoon), American Copy Editors Society (Chicago), Indexing Society of Canada (Winnipeg) and Plain Language Association International  (Montreal). I confess, New York held the most appeal for me as a locale. But in this group I will know…no one. I admit I’m a little nervous.

I love reading biographies, am working away at my own life story, and I’m looking forward to editing biographies, which is the real reason I chose to go to this conference. I hope to  meet writers looking for an editor! Luckily, I’ll have my trusty ice breaker Rosa the Wonder Dog (i.e. service animal) by my side. I met several editors I now call friends because of her!

The point is, I want to encourage other fresh freelance editors to think outside the box when seeking out clients. It can be tough to decide where to spend limited business investment funds; workshops and courses sometimes feel like the most important way to go, but I’ve discovered that, in the business of editing, nothing beats networking. I’ll let you know how it goes. Wish me luck!

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