I suffer from “Doug brain”. You know the movie “Up”? Doug the dog, completely focused on his master until a rodent runs by. That’s me, and there are lots of squirrels in my world.

Typically, I wake up at 7 am, roll into the kitchen to dish out the dog’s breakfast, and, because I’ve more often than not been awake ’til 3, head back to bed. In that brief interval, however, my mind is flooded with an overload of information reminiscent of Times Square’s glaring billboards. If I were wired to a machine that could transcribe the clatter, I’m sure it would explode with the effort to keep up. This is both my challenge and my inspiration for writing today’s blog. Instead of going back to bed, I’m at the computer, hoping to harness some of that mental energy and channel it into something compelling, or at least funny. It feels a bit like trying to catch a squirrel.  Excuse me while I get more tea and a bite to eat…

Okay, I’m back, but in the interest of full disclosure you should know that while I was gone I had 5 more ideas for blogs, thought of 6 other things I need to do this morning and had to go back into the kitchen to retrieve something I forgot only to forget what I forgot.

Writing is something I’ve always loved to do. When I find just the right word to convey the meaning and emotion I’m describing, I’m euphoric. However, I never truly believed I could do it. Well, this is the year I fake it ’til I make it.  This blog is my beginning and I’m looking for your feedback to help keep me focused on my journey.

January 8, 2015 — Holy crap, I’m tired

Insomnia sucks.  But it has some interesting side effects.  For instance, I was just about to type “it’s okay to end a sandwich with a preposition” on my Facebook status update.  I’m not even hungry.  My tablet keyboard is also starting to give me attitude via annoyingly unresponsive keys.  Like, my fingers are getting a friggin’ workout just trying to express my thoughts here without typos.  I’m obsessive about catching typos, and by saying that I’m guaranteed to leave at least one in this blog entry, especially having been awake most of the night due to my insomnia.

See what I did there?  Full circle.

January 1, 2015 – Just Write!

Welcome to my blog!  I’ve been ‘thinking about’ doing this for months, and what better time than on New Years Day, when people are full of the promise of a New Year and promises they don’t intend to keep?  Or maybe they do, but life gets in the way.  I let myself get consumed with making way too many decisions, establishing guidelines, structure, meaning and direction…hence the months of procrastination.  I’m just gonna write something.  Every day.  It’s not going to be the next Hemingway, but I’m sure it will take me somewhere exciting.  You’re welcome to follow.

For now, I pledge to eat less, exercise more (let’s just get that one out of the way); Facebook less, LinkedIn more; text less, telephone more (I’m not attached to my cell, I generally don’t have it on my person when I’m at home, and I missed  opportunities to see friends because they’ve texted me about getting together on the spur of the moment–texts which I didn’t see until hours or days later.  I hope to lead by example!); sleep more instead of studying into the night; study more instead of sleeping into the day; call my dad every day, and ‘think’ a little less, ‘do’ a little more.  I hope the next 364 days inspire you!